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Dallas Fence
Stain Collection

Our Dallas Fence Stain collection performs wonders, skillfully concealing wood imperfections while showcasing its innate charm. Infused with trans oxide pigments, these stains act as a shield for your fence, enduring the sun, water, and daily use with elegance. Moreover, our proprietary blend of non-drying oils and conditioners provides your wood with exceptional care. 

Why Stain?

Consistently upkeeping your fence offers a multitude of advantages! Shielding it from weathering, UV rays, and the humidity in the Dallas area, not only maintains the wood's aesthetic appeal but also extends the fence's lifespan. Moreover, it reinforces the structure against decay, distortion, and troublesome insects. Reach out to us today for your fence staining requirements.

Don't Replace your Fence. 
Restain it. 

Transparent Stain

Transparent stains are meticulously formulated to enhance the natural elegance of the wood they adorn. Enhanced with a trans-oxide pigmentation system, ​t​he  Transparent stains offer robust protection against the sun's intense UV rays, resist water, and withstand daily use, all while maintaining their vibrant colors for years.


  • ​Pro: Enhances the natural beauty of the wood. 

  • Con: Ideal for new fences, this stain may reveal sprinkler system water marks on a refinished fence. Not a recommended choice for restaining a fence, concealing fence or wood damage.

Semi-Transparent Stain

Semi-transparent colors offer equivalent protection to transparent stains but with a darker hue. This option is ideal for those who favor the transparent appearance when refinishing weathered wood, pressure-treated wood, or wood previously stained with a similar oil-based product.

  • Pro: Can be used for both new and refinished staining applications. 

  • Con: This stain may reveal sprinkler system water marks on a refinished fence. It's the second best option for concealing fence or wood damage.

Solid Color Stain

To enhance the appearance of fences that have ​significant damage, defects, or require repairs, it is advisable to choose solid color paint. Opting for darker shades can be particularly beneficial as they effectively help conceal material imperfections, providing a more polished and visually appealing finish to the fence.

  • Pro: Best for older or damaged wood applications. 

  • Con: Hides the natural beauty inherent to cedar and other types of wood. 

Fence Staining Contractor Plano TX

Looking for more than just fence staining services? Look no further! Our sister company, Crimson Landscape, specializes in creating stunning outdoor living spaces tailored to your preferences. From intricate landscape design to crafting cozy outdoor retreats, we've got you covered. Reach out to Crimson Landscape for all your landscaping needs and transform your outdoor space into a breathtaking oasis.

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